Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Everyday Life: More December

Lincoln building mini size Star Wars ships. 

Lincoln playing with the large size Star Wars ship! 
(I keep storing it away and he keeps asking me to take it back out.)

Kara likes putting fancy braids in Viva's hair.
Viva is a good sport about it.

Evan did not piece this puzzle.
It is a good thing his siblings aren't around or they would scream at him to get away.
I think he is super cute!

Bentley reading his scriptures!

Jake transporting all his weapons at once--two tonfas, two nunchucks (under his chin), his bo (under his armpit), and two sais. Crazy kid!

Evan is good with puzzles and numbers!

Viva had a friend from church over during Christmas break.

Lincoln's creation!

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