Monday, January 04, 2016

Rock Tumbling

When we went to Michigan in October we purchased a rock tumbler and sent it to Michigan (to save on postage). I carried it back in my carryon luggage. It is a vibrating tumbler which does a much quicker job of polishing rocks than the traditional rotating tumblers do. Before we could do a load in the tumbler we had to glue the machine to a cement block, the heavier the block the better.

We purchased quick drying cement and filled the holes in a traditional cement block and then glued the tumbler onto the block. This took us (Opa and I) over two months to accomplish. The good news is that we finally did it and on January 2nd Bentley plugged the tumbler in for its inaugural load!

The polishing process takes about two weeks. Here's what they looked like at the start of the process:

Bentley's choice of rocks was different than what I would have chosen. I like pretty rocks and more pretty rocks and yet more pretty rocks. He is much more discerning and chooses his rocks for a variety of reasons, not just beauty.

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