Friday, January 15, 2016


We finally got some snow on Wednesday. It wasn't a great deal of snow, but a few inches which is enough to make our landscape light and bright again. Opa had to use the tractor to clear the driveway. Because we've had too much warm weather, the roads have a layer of ice under the snow, so the roads are still slick and dangerous to drive on. When Boy Scouts was canceled Wednesday, it created a window of opportunity for me to take the children sledding!

We started at the big hill at the high school and the older four had a great time. Evan was enjoying himself playing in the snow, but we could not entice him to go down on a sled. After a while I took the children over to the elementary school next to the high school where the hill is smaller. Evan took a few trips down a small snow pile and then went up their hill half way and sledded down five or more times.

After that Evan, Lincoln, and Viva opted to play on the playground equipment rather than sled. Evan laughed joyously when I pushed him on the swing. It was beautiful out. I wondered why we didn't come over to the playground in the winter more often…then I remembered that it's not a winter wonderland when it's frigid cold and icy and dark at the playground. Snow makes all the difference!

These photos do not do justice the beauty that night, but they are what I have.

The older children are catching snowflakes on their tongue or at least that's what they told me they were doing. At 8:30 I took Evan and Lincoln home and Viva opted to stay home, too. Bentley and Jake wanted to go back to the big hill, so we spent a while longer over there.  There were a few families that joined us on the big hill, but we had the playground to ourselves. We arrived just as the local ski club was leaving. Timing is everything! Well, that and a good snowfall, of course!

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