Friday, January 08, 2016

Favorite Books

Lincoln has been looking through "Disney Pixar Storybook Collection" a lot lately. One evening he asked me for a bookmark for it. I gave him a small Post-it. An hour later he came back and asked me if he could have one for Evan, who also wanted a bookmark. The next morning, he told me needed another one. I gave him an entire pad of Post-its. Simple pleasures!

Evan found "101 Wacky Facts about Mummies" downstairs last week. He has been carrying it around every day since. He has a favorite drawing in the book that he has shared with me, Kara, and Opa (maybe others, too). It shows a genie rising out of an campfire. I have no idea what sense he makes out of this picture. I've tried reading a few facts from the book to him, but the vocabulary is pretty specialized (as is the topic), so it has to be nonsense to him. Nonetheless this is his current favorite thing!

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